5 Ways To Fight The Winter Blues

1/19/17 9:19 AM / by Swingset & Toy Warehouse posted in winter weather fun


Have you heard about hygge?

Pronounced “hue-gah,” it’s a trend that began in Denmark and has exploded in America. The term “hygge” loosely translates to “coziness,” but it really means creating a warm, comforting atmosphere.

We’ve been seeing a lot of news stories about this idea lately, perhaps because this is a time of year where the outside world feels anything but warm and comforting.

For kids, it means long days at school, coming home at dusk and staring at a backyard covered in snow or icicles hanging from their basketball hoop.

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Winter Weather Tips for Trampoline Care

1/4/17 8:32 AM / by Swingset & Toy Warehouse posted in Trampoline


When we think about trampolines, we usually think of people using them in spring or summer.

But what about the winter, when you and your family are less likely to spend time outside? Read on to learn more about trampoline care during the cold weather months.

If you have an all-weather, rust-proof trampoline and live in a place that sees a lot of snow in the winter, be sure to clear your trampoline of snow on a regular basis. Use a soft bristle broom or brush, working from the center of the matt and pulling the snow toward you.

Don’t use tools like a shovel, as their hard edges can damage the mat or the net surrounding your trampoline. As our partners at Springfree put it, you can still use a trampoline during the winter. Many of their customers enjoy using them to jump in the snow.

If you won’t be using your trampoline during the winter, install a trampoline cover, or take your trampoline apart and store it for the winter.

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Let It Snow: 4 Tips For Safe Outdoor Play

12/28/16 9:31 AM / by Swingset & Toy Warehouse posted in family-fun, outdoor activities


Kids love playing outside no matter the season, and if the next few months don’t get too cold, you should encourage them get outside for some wintertime fun. You might even share some hot chocolate with them on their swing set.

If you’re looking for ways to help your children have fun this winter, the website She Knows offers some ideas for kids’ winter activities, as well as some tips for keeping kids warm and safe before they head out into the cold:

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Is There An Upside to Your Child’s Boredom?

12/14/16 8:53 AM / by Swingset & Toy Warehouse


"I'm bored." 

None of us like hearing those words from our kids. Often our first impulse is to shut their boredom down right away: Watch TV, play a video game, stare at this screen. 

However, we're here to tell you there's an upside to your children's boredom. To paraphrase the movie Wall Street: Boredom is good.

It’s good because it helps your child develop. Here's why. 

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