Have Some Ghoulish Fun with Your Swingset this Halloween

10/27/16 12:44 PM / by Swingset & Toy Warehouse posted in Swing Set, backyard fun, halloween


Want to get into the ghostly spirit of Halloween?  Why not decorate your swingset and enter our Facebook photo contest for a chance to win $100 Visa gift card?  The contest winner will be chosen at random on November 14th

Need ideas to help you with your ghostly retreat?  You can get tips from our latest article titled “How to Turn Your Swing Set into a Haunted Mansion” including: how to make a bat cave, spinning a super spider web and much more. 

So don’t delay.   Submit your photographs today and invite your Facebook friends to join in this festive friendly competition. 

Submit Your Photo Today 

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How to Turn Your Swing Set into a Haunted Mansion

10/20/16 9:16 AM / by Swingset & Toy Warehouse posted in Swing Set, holiday decorations


Of all the holidays on the calendar, Halloween might be the most fun: getting dressed up, watching scary movies, going to parties.

And that’s just the adults. For kids, Halloween is even more fun: you get to do everything we just described, and you get a night where you can roam the streets in search of free candy.

Part of the fun – for kids and adults alike –is decorating. Some people go all out, turning their homes into haunted houses to thrill trick-or-treaters.

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Stressed Kids? Repetitive Motion Can Help.

10/13/16 10:45 AM / by Swingset & Toy Warehouse posted in Swing Set, backyard fun


It’s easy to think of stress as something that only happens to adults. But think back to your childhood: being a kid isn’t easy.

Sure, you don’t need to worry about mortgage payments or making your husband or wife happy when you’re in, say, third grade.

But being a kid isn’t all cartoons and playing in the backyard. Children have their own stresses: Grades. Hearing their parents argue about money or work. Seeing scary images on the news. The need to fit in at school.

Adopted or foster children often need to deal with these same stresses as well as the stresses that come from finding themselves in a new home.

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Introducing The Parent’s Guide to Trampolines

10/12/16 11:05 AM / by Swingset & Toy Warehouse posted in Trampoline


Buying a trampoline can be a pretty major purchase.

You need to think about trampoline safety, about cost, about whether you have enough space in your yard to put what amounts to a new structure.

With all of these things to think about, choosing the right one for your children can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to feel that way.

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