Cool Weather Kid Treats

11/30/16 8:55 AM / by Swingset & Toy Warehouse posted in outdoor games


The weather is getting cooler, but that won’t stop your kids from playing outside.

And when they’re done playing, they’ll want something to nibble on, whether that means after-school snacks or a mid-afternoon treat during their weekend playtime.

That’s why Swingset & Toy Warehouse has put together this guide to making your kids some fall snacks. These are things they can enjoy at your kitchen table or the picnic table, the lemonade stand or inside their swing set fort. Enjoy!

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Giving Thanks for our Swingset & Toy Warehouse Customers

11/23/16 9:02 AM / by Swingset & Toy Warehouse posted in Swing Set


What does Apple’s Macintosh, Katy Perry and Swingset & Toy Warehouse all have in common?

They were all born in 1984.

And after 32 years, we know we have many reasons to be thankful. We couldn’t have lasted this long without our wonderful, loyal customers and their families.

So, as Thanksgiving approaches, let us thank you.

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The 5 Top Benefits of Child’s Play

11/17/16 8:34 AM / by Swingset & Toy Warehouse posted in outdoor games

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When we say something is “child’s play,” we mean something that’s easy and simple.

In truth, there’s a lot going on when kids are at play. It’s an activity that has a host of physical and psychological benefits for children:

1. It Helps Them Behave

According to a 2009 study in the journal Pediatrics, children who get a break for recess tend to act up less in the classroom. The study looked at two groups of 8 and 9-year-old students and found that the ones who got more than 15 minutes of playground time each day behaved better than kids who got no recess time.

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Playground Safety Can Be Child’s Play

11/10/16 8:36 AM / by Swingset & Toy Warehouse posted in Playground Safety


It’s a fact of life: When kids play outside, accidents are going to happen. It’s tough to imagine leading an active childhood and not coming away with your share of bumps, scrapes or even broken bones.

Still, that doesn’t mean we have to accept unsafe conditions for our kids. Playgrounds can be a great place for them to explore and connect, but only if they’re safe places.

Here are a few playground safety tips from the child safety organization Safe Kids Worldwide to help keep your child free from harm.

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