Six Summertime Safety Tips

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When you think about your childhood summers, what do you remember?

Trips to the beach? Learning to swim? Seeing how high you could swing on your wooden swing set?

We’re willing to bet that mixed in with those pleasant memories are a few standard injuries. The time you fell off your bike, or the day you accidentally wandered underneath a bee hive.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Redwood Swing Set

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It can be hard to pick favorites.

Your favorite song might change with your mood. Your favorite movies? How can you compare comedies to drama? Your favorite food? Who can pick just one?

We’re the same way when it comes to backyard playsets. Which material makes for the best swing sets? Cedar? Redwood? How can we choose?

Well, we can’t. But we can devote this blog post to the benefits of redwood, and why it’s a standout swing set material. (Don’t worry cedar. We’ll get to you eventually.)

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Year-Round Maintenance Tips for Backyard Swing Sets

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A backyard swing set isn’t a small purchase. It’s meant to last, to grow along with your children, and to entertain and delight future generations.

But like most things you own, backyard swing sets will only last through proper care and maintenance. That’s why we’ve put together this list of ways you can maintain your outdoor swing sets year-round.

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Some of Our Favorite Backyard Swing Set Poems and Books

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Do you remember your first swing set?

Maybe it was on the playground a few blocks from your house. You’d go there with your mother or father, and they’d push you on the swings, and you’d feel like you were flying.

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